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Philip Messina
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Olga Knutova... by PhilipMessina
On Friday, 15 August 2014, 22:16, olenkabeloved wrote:

Hi dear! First, i apologize to you for concern. I have big  interest to
write to you.I decided to try the internet searching for the
right person. It is my first experiense and  i don't know what to say?!
But i will try. Well, I am looking for a man with whom I can share my
life, and create a relationship to be happy in this world) !
I hope you want same.

Now  i  tell  you little bit about myself. I was born in Kostroma city
Russia. And live here all my life. I am 31  years old. I was married , but this
story i tell you in next letters. I work in Beauty house, i am visagiste.
I like fitness. No drink alcahol. Very seldom. I like red vine. I like
health food.

I have not native sisters or brother . I am alone child in my family.
But i have 2 cousin , one of them live in Russia, other live in
Netherlands. My sister who live in Holland give me your e-mail address.
And she said that i can to try to write you and try to communicate.

Maybe it is mistake and you do not look the second half. If you get
this mail for mistake and you are not write me back , it is meant
that my sister had mistake, and  i will not write you anymore and
delete your e-mail address.

If you decide to corresponds with me i will very glad. I would like
be with you friends and who knows maybe we are soulmate.

In process our communicate  i would  like  to learn about you more
and see your pictures. Also i will tell you about me and send you my

I will wait your answer to my e-mail address ...........

With respect, Olga

To Me  Aug 20
Hi dear !

I am glad to get your mail. I want to say that it is my first experience
acquaintance with the man via the internet.
Let's learn each other  here. ok?  Well, My name is Olga. I am  lonely  woman
who would like  find the man of my dreams from the Internet.
I don't know what it will? But I hope that my search will be successful and I
find the man of my dreams. Lot's of people get acquainted from the internet and
to create their families. Are you agree? I also dream that one interesting man
has paid attention to me, and made me happy. I hope is it you.

I am make up artist and hairdressers.  I work in beauty house. I like my job,
because I like to do beauty for people. Sometimes I am not like my job because
my salary is very small. I have a flexible schedule.  
I can work every day or i can work 1 day or 3 time in a week. My job not
difficult for me, but sometimes it was very hard, because I stand on my feet
all day long.   If you will interesting of my job I can tell you more. Now,
tell me of yourself ?  What kind of your job? Where do you live? What you
like to do in free time? What your favorite color? Do you like pets?
Do you have pets?

Also I want say that I was born in Kostroma city. And I live here now, and I
was grown up here. Kostroma - one of the oldest Russian cities, founded in
the 1152. It is very small town. If you interesting  
you can see in internet. Kostroma  approximately 350 kms ahead of  Moscow.

I want say that i have not second half.The  age it is not
important for me, because i am seeking serious relationships.I think that the
man should be older than the woman. As for me I prefer my future
husband to be older than I am. Older men know how to treat the girl
right, they know what the girl wants. It’s much more interesting to
talk to them. And there is one more thing. I am looking for the
serious relationships and guys of my age they normally want just to
have fun, they don’t have any serious intentions, they don’t think
about future. I don’t like it. I am not against fun, of course, every
person needs rest, but not all the time. You probably understand me.
What do you think I am right?

Well, I think it is enough for first mail. And if i interesting  for you ,
answer to me.I will wait. I  send you my picture I hope you will like. I
can send more in my next mail.
To Me  Aug 23
Hi my friend Philip !

I am glad to get your letter. It was very pleasant for me to
receive it.Well, I shall devote this letter to the story of my life. You know that  
I am Russian woman, I am 31  years old. I was born on September 7, 1982.  My height
, 167 centimeters. My weight 54 kg.  I am natural brunette with brown eyes. I was
married during 4 years. In  2010 my husband was in a car accident and died. You know,
I  don� like to speak about it. We lived very good, we were happy family. Ok,
maybe once day I tell you more. I have not children, but I want them.
I love  children. During 2 years I had depression.
It was the most hard period in my life. In 2012 I meet Russian man and I thought
that he will my second half. I understand my husband died but life is go on.
But he  was the  man who only seem that he nice man. He was a cruel man, he beat
me. And also he has betrayed me and meet other woman more younger then me. My
heart was broken but i am strong woman and i could to overcome this way. And now
i am so happy that i have left him!  And now i can start my new life ! I want to
finish the sad part of my letter.
Well, I believe in God, and I am Christians, as well as my family. You believe in
God? Or destiny? Unfortunately, i was one child in our family. When i finished school
I had enter to the university. Then i had graduate the university ,and now i have work.
I have already told about what my job, i am hairdresser and make-up artist.I would like
know more about your family!? My mom Svetlana Mihailovna , she lives in village near Kostroma.
She have a small plot of  land where she grows cucumbers, tomatoes, potatoes, onions, carrots and
etc. My father died in 1994, he had disease. I am very romantic person. I' am a very
affectionate person I like romance and I love to kiss! Romantic dinners and an intimate
evening. I would like to know more of your inner personal feelings about love and
romance. I think there is such a thing as love at first glance! You understand what i
meant? But that would be the physical attraction, but for deep,  intimate, long lasting
true love it takes a lot of hard work and honesty between both partners. And consequently
I want, as much as possible to know about you and about your life.

I can speak in English fluently. I don't know where my cousin took your address, I not
often call up to her. I have no account on Facebook.

I like fittness. Well, i guess i told you more about me in this letter . If you want
find out something else ask me , and I give you answer.
But i want only trust to each other. Write only the truth . I adult person and i can
understand all, but only not treachery and a deceit. If you have not serious intentions
to me please not play with me and not write. I hope i am not offend you, i want be only
honest with you because i am very serious! I say good bye now. I hope tomorrow i can see
your letter. I believe, that you the good person. I could not be mistaken in you! I shall
answer your letter with pleasure.
To Me  Aug 28
Hello Philip !

Thank you very  much for your  answer.  I  like it.  Let’s recognize
each other more. I would like to learn you more and more every day. I
like to write you letters very much. I answer to your letters with a
pleasure. You ask  me  everything  you want and i will answer to you.
I shall share with you everything in my head, with the big interest.
I would like to know more about your city? Where you usually like to be?
And what is pleasant to you ? Tell me more about yourself?

I think that I told you earlier that to me to be pleasant occupations by
fitness and swimming. I like to spend time in sports to a hall. As I try
to eat properly and I don't use fat and fried food. I like to eat seafood,
fish. I love vegetables on a grill as to be pleasant to me rice and
buckwheat cereal. As I very much like to eat salads from fresh vegetables
with addition of olive oil. What do you like to eat? You have any special
preferences? you like cooking? I very much like cooking, my mother taught
me to prepare very various and tasty things. My friends often ask me to
prepare something tasty and I with pleasure do for them something interesting
and tasty. As to be pleasant to me meat on coals, but it happens very

I prefer  jazz, bluze, classic, and others. What kind of music are you
prefer?  I like to listen to sax very much. I like Candy Dulfer,
Gerald Albright, John Coltrane, or and many other the famous saxophonists.
I think it is very romantic. Also I like rock, and other popular music.
And you? What about you? I like to watch the  football, hockey, tennis.  
I understand maybe  it is seems little bit strange but I like it.

I am not smoke, if you smoking it is your right. I like candle,
i like glass of wine, with nice music. I don't drink strong alcohol.I
don’t know what to say
anymore, ask me everything you want and I give you answer.

I think it interestingly than you is engaged, these pictures very beautiful.
such feeling that in them is life. When you started being engaged in
this art?

Ok, I am finishing my letter  now and I will be looking forward to your
reply !!!

I am thinking about you!!! :)

With tender hugs and kisses,

P.S On a photo I and my best friend of Irina.
To Me  Aug 31
Hi my dear Philip  !

How are you? Thank you very much for your nice mail. I like everything you
write me. How was you day? What's news with you? It is interesting
for me to know everything what;s go on with you . Frankly speaking it
is very fascinating to observe your life.Because you far from me.
At this time i am very busy on my work. I can say that i have not enough
time for me.But any way i will go to the internet cafe and other place and
will write you because  i loke it very much.

I want say little bit about my city. Kostroma is a city and the  administrative
center of Kostroma Oblast, Russia, located 350 kilometers northeast of Moscow.
The historic part of the city, a World Heritage Site, is located the Volga .
It is one of the Golden Ring cities, a group of historic cities northeast of
Moscow that has played an important role in Russian history. Population: 275 000. Of
course you can read  about it in Wikipedia,but i decided write you about it myself.
The winter weather in Kostroma begins in about November and usually
goes on for five months, into spring.. The coldest month of the year
is typically January with an average daily temperature of just  - 8.2 � .
But sametimes it can be , temperatures of -35 to -40 � . And what about
your winter? I don't like winter, only sometimes because I love skiing and
skating. And you?

I will be glad if you make a picture for me.

Philip, you know i so like to write you. I don't know why? Maybe because
i have never did it before. I like that you appiar in my life and we can
Today after work i will go to my mom. She ask bay some medecine for her.
She has a sore back and legs. She is alone like me now. But i could not
live in village with her, because i need to work. And she don want come
to city and live with me together because  she like nature and her garden.
Ok,I am finishing my letter now and I will be looking forward to your reply!
I am sending
you a kiss and my tenderness!
To Me  Sep 2
Dear Philip  !

Thanks for the message also. Your letters bring me much joy and make
me happier day by day!
The weather is very good here.Yesterday i went to village to see my mom. And i decided to
tell her about you,Philip!
My mom was surprised )). She never think that it is possible to find someone via internet)).
And  i began to tell her about you. That i so happy that you appear in
my life Philip.
You mean so much to me . It is so fast. But i feel it. I told to her.
And my mom listening to me, and said, that maybe this is love? I had big smile on my
face and answered to her: Mom , what love? I know him little bit, i know him only several days.
But my mom said to me: doughter, i lived long life and  i know what it is love.
You come to me very happy, with big smile , she said. I saw you such smile and happy your
eyes when you were married. And after her words i thought, yes.. she is right little bit.
It is not mean that i love you, but i feel some feelings to you, which make me happy, when
i think of you. And who knows what will in future with us???
What do you think? And yes my mom is right, i am really to start think of you very often.
When i have free time i try to go to the
write you e-mail. When i lay in my bed i think of you.Maybe  i am crazy?
Because  i have never see you person and  i think about you a lot!
Excuse me if I go so  openly but I'm a sincere woman then  I don't like
to hide nothing about myself, and about my feelings and you make this with me and...
I'm enjoying it more what you can think, also Philip!!!! WOW!

Today after work i am going met my friends. And  i want to speak about you with my friends.
I have 2 my best friend. They nice woman. One of them told me that I look very suspicious. )))
Today i will find out why i look so.))) I hope she told me.
Oh, i forget to write that my mom say "Hello" to you. And she wish good mood to us.
Today with my friends we will have a wonderful time together, i hope.
Because , we decide to go to the picture gallery.
I can't live without art. I like it so much. When i have free time
i try to go to the theatre, or the picture gallery or some other
place. Also i like movie. What films you like?

Also i like to read. I adore to read Ostrovski Nikolay, Pasternak
Boris, Tolstoy Lev, Tolstoy Alexei, Pushkin Alexandr, William
Shekpier, Green, and many other- books.

I tried to listen to music which you sent me, but I couldn't open the file.
It to be pleasant to me as you look with a beard.

Well, i hope it will enough . ))) I hope you are not tired after this email??
Then I will tell more next time.

With hugs and warm kisses,

P.S Photos which I send you today, one was made in Spain last summer when we
visited Spain for increase of qualifications. And the second is made a photo
in the spring in park.
To Me  Sep 5
Hi dear Philip !

How are you? How was your day? I always glad to receive your letter.
Your words mean so much to me and I am so happy that you�e appeared
in my life, you are like a sun that lights up my life. . I have never
see you person but i feel it.Day by day i feel something strange happened with me and
my heart.I begin think of you every day and very often.I think of you all the time and  
i like it. It is very amazine.

Well, Yesterday ,  When we spoke with my friend i told her about you.
That you is very kind, honest and understanding man. And i like corresponds with you.
I can feel you. I have impression about i know you long time. I can't explain it.
I  can  tell  you  everything i think and i like it! It's so easy withyou. You know Philip,
I thought that after die my husband i have never meet man which will interesting
for me. But now  i feel that i had a mistake. I want to beleive in it. I hope
you understand what i mean Philip ? I meant that i so happy that you appear in my life.
I think this feelings come to me or maybe to you very fast. But we are both adult
people,and i feel it . And  i tell you  truth. You , know, Philip, it is really
strange but i like it. sometimes I think that I write drivel. But i am very honest with you.
And please don't think of me that i am crazy)))). But maybe)))) lol.

Ok,come back to my friends... My friends( 2 my best girlfriends)  were very surprised
that i decided to seek man in the Internet.But most of all they were so surprised when
i told to them where you live! About long distance. My friends have different life from me.
They can't believe that it's can be possible and real. But i believe!I told them that
our corresponds are very important for me and who knows what will in future! Are you agree?
They are  sincerely loves me and they would like that i be happy! Like my mom. After
talking with my mom, I thought about my personal life. I am young woman, and i want to
love. I want to give love, care, tenderness, kindness, attention and affection.
Excuse me if i so openly with you. But i am really , so tired be alone. Yes, I know that
I am a beautiful woman, and many men would like to be with me. BUT I WANT SERIOUS
relationships. I am not beleive to Russian man. That's why i decided to find men from
other country. WOW, i think you tired after my words?? But, really , i like to write you
long mails. My every letter spans 2 or 3 hours . And  i spend this time in the
Internet cafe or at my work. I remember , i was nervous very much when i need write you
back, it was first time. Every day i feel pleasure in my heart.I can't believe. Once when
i come back from the Internet cafe to home,i could not believe that it is happening with
me. And when i come home i understood that i am full in love!!!!! I full in love with you
and your nice letters. It is scary me and i ma happy Simultaneously!!!!!My heart was very
hard and my thinks was anywhere. My soul was sang songs. I am so happy!!! I am crazy woman?
:)) Maybe it is Improbably
but  the  fact  that i can be full in love with you because it's short time.  It  is  
happened  very fast and  it is scare me. But i tell you truth, and  i am honest right now.
I wish you know all what i feel! I  hope you don't afraid my words? And will not stop
write me? I can't live without your e-mails. You understand me? It is not meant that
i love you, no , no. I only fall in love with you, i think. And what about you? I understand
that the man is not as emotional as a woman. But tell me what do you feel?

Philip,can i ask you something??? Can you write me your phone number and i will try to call you.
I will go to the telegraph office and to call you. ok? I can't wait to hear your
voice. I have cell phone but i can not accept the call from other country because
I have refused such service. I have never think that i can meet man from other country.
But everything ok, because i can call you from the telegraph place.I know about it.
Because one of my friend live in England and i call to her from telegraph place and to
use especial calling card.Excuse me if  i ask more thing. I meant your telephone number.

Philip, never forget that I am thinking of you, that you are very
dear to me, you are very important to me, that there is a girl on that
Earth who cares about you a lot and who thinks of you ( it� me of
course :) )

Ok, I am finishing my letter and I wish you to have a great day!!!!!

Don� forget to smile for me :)

With all of my tenderness,

p.s please tell me, if you not like long mail , i will write short.
Ok? Only tell me please.
To Me  Sep 9
Dear Philip !

I am so happy to get your e-mail!!!!
I could not wait your e-mail.Your mail like drink of fresh air for me.
Your mail is thin thread which connect you and me. This thread passing
through thousands kilometers. Wow, it is really unbeleiveable. I have never
think that it can be happened with me. That i will find a man from the
internet. But it is true and  i like it.

Philip,day by day i think of you more and more. My mom tells me again that it
is chemistry , that it is love. Maybe she is right. She is wise woman.
Unfortunately my father is died. Oh, how i would like speak with him
about my situation. I am sure he would gave me good advice. Lot's of ideas
in my head about us. I want say My heart is happy. I have love in my heart i think.
How it can be possible? I have never see you person. Why it is happened?
I don't understand myself? What's go on? O lord! Sometimes  i think about
next: I want to feel heat of your heart, and tender of your hand. I
want to feel your smell. I want to feel your lips. I would like to
fall asleep and wake up with you. I am crazy? :) Forgive me that i am
so openly , but i have one habits it is to tell the truth.
sometimes I suffer from what I like to tell the truth. I hope you understand what
i meant Philip? I think it would be one of big mail from me. I hope you will like it?

You know Philip, Life is alone. And  i want to live and  to be pleased
lives. We are both adult people, and we know what we want in this life.
Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would meet a man that could
captivate and win my heart at "Hello".
I feel you are near with me and far at same time. I feel You change my
life Philip! It is good i think. A long time  i was in shadow.
A long time I could not get out of depression. But you appear in my life
and  i happy now.Also i understand that it has happens very very fast.
I feel great feelings and  i have never see you person.I am afraid of!
But of course we can corresponding every day, weeks, months,years....
But only a personal meeting can solve everything. When I think of what our
lives could be like together in the future,
I get butterflies and chills all over - it's just so exciting!
I think something like this does happen to everybody; I'm just so
lucky it's happened to me now.

First of all I just want to thank you for coming into my life.
You took me by surprise, I wouldn't ever think that I would be as
lucky to have you, but now that I have you I don't ever want to
let go. Before  i met you in the internet, i knew what i want from my life.
But now it's so hard. I can't think about my work but  
i must because i have very responsible work. Now  i can think
only of you. And  i M SO HAPPY. Every moment, every minute every second
you in my  mind. Mysterious force attracting me to you. It is everything ok. But
only one cause make me very sad. It is long distance between us.
I believe in Destiny! And you? I have never think i met a man
from the Internet and i will have some interesting feelings to him. But i
am so happy it had happens. Now  i am afraid of to lose you. Wow, it
is short period but it's good. Please don't think of me bad, simply i
want tell you everything what i feel and thinking right now Philip.

I hope you are not tired reading my mail, it is really big mail. I typing
this almost 3 hours. ok, before i will go i have a question for you : What
do you think about our meeting Philip ?It's so important to know for me.
Please not ignore this questions. I am very serious.

My full name Olga Knutova. I don't think that it is good idea to send
me something by mail, mail in Russia works very badly and things are lost.

I am finishing my letter now and I will be looking forward to
your reply very impatiently!

With tender hugs and kisses,
To Me Sep 11
Hello Philip !

I apologize now I can't respond to your letter, I was called by my mother and
she told that she fell ill. I will go to mine mother and I will return only on
Sunday, I will write you the letter on Sunday as soon as I will return.
To Me  Sep 15 at 7:50 AM
Hi dear Philip !

I am so happy to get your mail. Thank you for your responce.I am so happy
that you feel same way. I feel that your ideas like mine. I feel that we both
are soul mates and maybe more. I am so happy that i met you here. You
make me happy. How are you?

You know Philip,I missed you on  weddning.
Every day I re-read all your letters and then i plunge in mine own
small world where we together and you look at me and listen to me. And
i can't stop speaking. :-) . In mine own world i tell you that i so
happy see you and feel you. . It so is easy. And even easier if we
will to live in our own world together. Anybody will not prevent to
us. And the most important that it is our world. I would like to feel
your breath, to see your eyes, to hear your voice ... You know how it
is difficult to explain all feelings in e-mail? I have a lot of ideas
in my head. And i can not to write everything to you. I can to tell
you more when i will see your face to face. And you? What do you think
about it?

You change all my life. You come to my life like fresh wind and make me
happy in short period. Thank you Philip! I was absolutely different
woman before i have met you. I could turn over page of my sad past and
forget all pain which i had. You have presented to me a new life.
Now i am strong very strong , and you give me this force. I am grateful
to you. You had brought joy in my life. Yes, you give me the life is
full paints and flowers. And i don't want to think what right and
what no?!

It would seem there is nothing difficult be together, but
we both understand that we far. I do not want barrier between us. I
would like to destroy this barrier. I don't want be in in separation.
And you? I dream about ardent passion , i want to realize all we have
in our letters. Most my friends think that i am crazy, because i have
change very much. My friends knows that any man could not win my heart
so quickly. And they are right. But you, you did. You could win my
heart ! I am happy Philip ! You destroyed all mine illusions and
prejudices and to let me to feel myself like small girl which want
find support and protection. And i live in mine own world which i
create myself. I cannot hide admiration about you.

I cannot hide mine secret desires. I am very happy . Our e-mails it is
rescue for me. I have good spirit. I am in an anticipation of
happiness ! I want to throw everything i have , my work my friends and
be with you. I am alone here . And i can. It is only my desire! Of course,
maybe this sound like words of crazy woman. But i want only be honest with
you. And what about  you?  What do you think about my ideas?  
What you want? I don't know? Please write me everything you think,
all your ideas. What do you think if i visit you at first? Of cource you
can come to me in Russia at first. But anyway i would like to visit you
at first because if we are decide be together i would like to know your country.
And  i have never travel before , I've never flown on an airplane. It is true!
I don't know what you answer to me about our meeting but i decided to go
to the travel agency and find out what i need for the travel. May be i will
need some papers to go abroad i don't know. I let you know about it in my
next email. In  one  side   i am afraid  of, because  i have never left my home
and  my  country. It is long distance. In other side - it's happiness.
Because i am going to man which i feel something.

I will explain to you about that that I wrote to you. I meant that I wasn't in
other country independently, I didn't visit other country one. When we visited
Spain we went with fellow workers and it was not rest or entertainment we went
on work there. Our firm completely paid a trip and we had attendants. We went
to Spain by train.  

Speaking about the sister. I have no sister or the brother I have only cousin.
Perhaps I not correctly wrote to you, because of that I that I write all this
to you in English, and it is not my native language. You have to understand it.  

I have no home telephone number. It isn't necessary to me, I have a mobile phone
and me it enough.
My address. Kostroma, street New life 19th apartment 14.

I don't understand about what lie you speak to me. You have some doubts in me?

Thank you for that that you made with my a photo, but I am not similar there to
myself at all.

Well, my dear Philip, i finishing my mail and i can't wait your mail back.
With fond affection and longing thoughts,

P.S today I sent you a photo where I go by the train not far from my city.
The second photo was made this summer, with the son of my girlfriend.
To Me Sep 18 at 6:47 AM

My dear Philip !

Thank you very much for your letter, I was very glad to receive it as
usual. My heart beats faster each time I open the letter from
you,Philip. I am so happy. I can't explain all feelings which i have in
my heart now. I as go mad. I can't be without your emails. Or maybe
without you also? I don't know what going with me, maybe my mom was right?
And it is love? Yesterday when i come to her and helped her, she look at me
and daid to me: daughter, you changed a lot in such a short time.
She said to me that i am look like happy woman which have gleam in eyes.
And that i enigmatic smile. And she said to me my dear, it is love!!!
Be happy!
After her words i was very glad and happy more my dear Philip. And i think
it is really so Philip. Because , I lose my head from your gentle words in
letters. You is like from other world . When i read your letters , whole
world is stops for me. I want be with you at once and look at your eyes
and see your nice smile. Oh, only dreams. Why we are far?

I want say that i would like  be with you . And only one
thing i wish now, it is be with you. And One way for it if i come to
you or you come to me. I have found out about everything i need now.
The Information which i have in the Travel agency will help us
overcome that long way. I will need the passport to go abroad. It will
take time about one or two days from the date of payment. And
passport will cost 107 pounds . Besides passport i need social package deal
which consist of different insurances and medical inquiries. When this
papers will ready i will be able to make  visa. I will need tourist visa,
it cost 442 pounds .It will take time about 3-7 days. Therefore I need 549 pounds
for my papers.Tell me please Philip, you will be able to help me
financially?? I have never to ask you if i can pay it myself, it's
very expensive for me alone. It is very shame for me that i ask you to help
me, sorry please.

It was very a shame to me to ask for your help because you mentioned people
who deceive someone. If you deny to me your assistance I will understand.

I understand that everything not easier like seems. But i am ready .
I am ready to pass all hard way because you will near with me and will
help me. I understand all difficulties which can be because i will have
different life with you. I ma ready change my life for you.
If you wanted same way  like  me, and help me is everything.
I believe that you will help me be with you. I trust you very much.
I trust you all my life.
When we first met, I didn't even consider you real. You were just a
pixel on a screen. We talked more and I became so confused. "How I
could I have real feelings for a person I've never met?" I'd ask
myself. Since then we have met. I will never forget the first time I
looked into your letter; it was at that very moment I knew I wanted to
spend the rest of my life with you. In your ideas I saw everything I
needed to know. It's been  is not much days. Things have not been easy.
I want to connect my life only with you. I wish to love you and to care
of you. And i would like that you will same way Philip.  I would like to go
through life side by side with you, telling you more and more until we
grew to be one being together.

I can't wait be with you Philip. I need you. Please answer to my mail.
Write me all your ideas about my trip and you will be able help me?
Please, let's be live!

I am finishing my mail and will wait your answer

With love, your Olga.



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Thanks for the watch, most of my paintings are based on some physical health therapie. Your gallery is awesome :)!
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